BioMedIT Portal User Guide

In the following sections we introduce the BioMedIT portal, how it works and how to get started using it.
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What is the BioMedIT Portal?

The BioMedIT Portal is the one-stop entry to the BioMedIT Network. It provides users with a single point of access to the tools and services of the BioMedIT Network in a secure web-based environment.

With the Portal:

  • Project Leads have a consolidated view of their projects and resources, enabling them to manage the research team’s members and access the project space.
  • Data Providers and Data Managers oversee data transfers and monitor them.
  • Researchers gain access to an expanding collection of collaborative and research-oriented tools, which encompass in-house, commercial, and open-source resources.

Access is secured with a login with your SWITCH edu-ID account and two-factor authentication.

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